What’s the value in all this?


Picture this: It’s the night before the exam… You are either nervous because you’re not sure you’ve studied properly, or just excited to strut your stuff because you know you’ve nailed the prep exams. The Whether nervous or excited, tests are stressful. That’s the whole idea, your certification body needs to see how you’ll perform in your trade. The only problem is you’re not really being tested on your trade in a written test, your being tested on your ability to harness your knowledge to pass a multiple choice

That’s a separate skill that we teach you. We teach you by exposing you to the types of questions you’ll see on certification exams to see what kind of answers work. Your brain will adapt to the logic, and your practice will become perfect practice. And only perfect practice makes perfect. Perfect practice is the difference between being nervous the night before, or having the amazing feeling of peace that being excited to take the exam gives you.


Like we said above, only perfect practice makes perfect. What we do is have subject matter experts look at the controlling documents for each test in each jurisdiction for each available trade we cover. We also conduct exit interviews to get an idea of what’s working and what’s not as the exams change so we can fine tune the prep. What you get is our up to date version of what questions you need to see in order for you to do well on the exam.


At $39.95, we come in at by far the lowest price exam prep service in North America. We belive in one price, one pass. That means you can sign up and take our entire exam over and over again if you like up to 9 times at no additional cost. You can also log in and out anytime so you don’t have to stress about doing an exam all in one sitting. We don’t even learn like that, we learn by having our initial learning re-enforced by regular review and the perfect practice our exams provide. Just a few minutes a day after you’re set to go will keep your sharp come exam day.

Our Promise

We are certain that you’ll pass your exam if you use our program. So certain that if you don’t pass you’ll get your money back subject to some fine print. Here’s the fine print… You can take our exam up to nine times. Each time you pass you get a certificate.  Your actual exam must be within 2 weeks of your last certificate with us, so we know you’ve prepared close enough to your actual exam to set yourself up for success. If you don’t pass your first time, and do a repeat exam within six weeks and fail that one too, then you get all your money back from the exam prep you purchased with us. Just send us the proof of attendance at both exams, plus the certificate we gave you. That’s our promise to you.

Got questions?

Here’s some frequently asked questions:

What happens when I first click on an exam I want to write?

You will be taken to a PayPal site that allows you to pay for the exam prep, and asks to you enter a user name and password so you can come back and retake the exam up to 10 times without having to pay an additional fee. You can then take the exam, and leave and login at any time

How does your guarantee work?

Once you take the full course and get at least 80% you’ll receive a certificate from us. From the date of the certificate you have 90 days to write your exam. If you fail the exam, plus fail your second attempt, then we’ll use you a full refund. Here’s what we need:

Scan us the following:

  1. Your certificate of completion from us
  2. Both exam results signed by the invigilator showing your attendance shopwing a fail
    a. The first attempt must be within 90 days of your certificate date
    b. The second attempt must be within 30 days of your first attempt

Once we get that we’ll issue you a PayPal return for your full amount within 2 business days.

You're here to pass, we're here to help. Click below and start today.