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“I always worry when I check out exam banks if I’m studying for the right exam. Red Seal Exam Prep makes sure you’ve picked your trade, your province, and the exact exam you are studying for. No confusing credits, just 1 price for all the questions.”

Sofie B.

“I was freaking out about this exam. I mean I studied and did the practice questions on the provincial red seal site, but I didn’t know if I’d be ready or not. I didn’t want to pay to get 1 chance at some of the questions, I wanted to be able to log in and out and do it on my time. These guys made that happen.”

Ben T.

“I didn’t even need to buy any new textbooks. I took the BC Challenge Exam for Hairdressing exam prep, did it on my own time, and I did well on my first run at it. Now I’m a Red Seal after many years of worrying about my certification!!”

Jenn R.

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